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A successful agile coach looks at the organization as a system and assumes the role of a system developer. The agile coach facilitates an organic process that breaks through old patterns and creates the agile organization. All this according to the system approach, built from the mental model and from the meaning of the people who are part of the system.

An Agile Coach knows how to create an environment in which people continuously learn from empiricism and thus surpass value creation from a collective perspective. He or she consciously creates an environment in which people make discoveries about how to continuously deliver the highest value with the least risk of wasting resources.

Adapt2Value approaches agile coaching from a mental framework for the agile coach who really wants to make a difference.

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Adrie Dolman is Master of Science in Management and Organization. He has a background in database marketing and was one of the first business agility coaches in the Netherlands. He is an agile coach, mentor and trainer for mainly management teams, product owners, scrum masters and agile coaches in larger organizations. In 2016 his book Agile Marketing was published, which was nominated in the Netherlands for the Marketing Literature Prize and in Belgium for Marketing Book of the Year. His latest book: Agile Coaching will be published in November. A must read for anyone who wants to become or be a good agile coach.

“An Agile Coach thinks from the bigger picture and in multiple dimensions” – Adrie Dolman MSc

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Reading a book doesn’t make you an agile coach. A good book contributes to awareness and provides the knowledge to be able to oversee the matter. A training provides the necessary building up of deeper knowledge and insight about agile coaching. It also provides insight into yourself as a person, which is where good agile coaching starts.

For everyone with ambitions to become an agile coach, there is an agile coach training of 4 days on location or 8 half-days online. Or a hybrid form, where the first and last day are on location with 4 half-days online in between.

The result of the agile coach training is that you are well prepared to get started as an agile coach in practice.

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    It is Wanting, Knowing and …. exactly: Being able! You are motivated and you have also acquired the knowledge of how to conduct agile coaching, but in practice there are still deep-rooted habits that do not just go aside. Change is complex, especially when it concerns completely new perspectives on how an organization will think and act in an agile way. An Agile coach helps in your practice to break through old patterns and to ensure that you can convert your motivation and knowledge into successful agile coaching for your organization.

    Choosing coaching as a coach is not a weakness, on the contrary! Many coaches opt for coaching because they know better than anyone that it will help them gain their strength faster and better. Coach-the-coach is extremely valuable in practice.

    Interim agile coach

    An experienced Agile coach helps in your practice to break through old patterns and ensure that your organization adopts agile thinking and doing in a short time.

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      Brainflow Tour: from complex to solution

      Some complex problems cannot be solved in a conference room. Then you literally need more space and an agile coach who knows how to find the best solution for even the most complex problem.

      Will you join your team for two days cycling across the beautiful Veluwe? With regular stops where the next step is taken in a well-thought-out sociocratic process. A social gathering in the evening and early to bed, because our brains work most effectively at night. And continue the next day, until the solution is clear to everyone.

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