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The marketing power of an organization roughly consists of two parts: 1. Distinguish yourself positively with a better value proposition than your competitors. 2. Communicate this to the right target group in the most effective way.

Agile Marketing ensures that organizations can respond rapidly to the ever faster changing markets. The long life cycle of the last century is getting shorter and shorter, you can even be banned from the market within a few weeks. Disruption is a real thing of our time. Continuously developing and maintaining the best value proposition while optimizing communication requires new ways of marketing and organization. This requires a lot of the teams responsible for agile strategies, propositions, channels and communications. Ultimately, one goal counts: to deliver the highest customer value, in the shortest time to market and with the lowest risk of wasting time and resources.

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This book introduces you to validated learning, a shared vision that lives, adaptable strategies and proactive stakeholder management, using practical tools and 42 innovative models. How you continuously renew and market the value proposition and how you can deliver the highest value faster and faster through various types of feedback. This book is written for marketing managers, proposition managers, product managers, (digital) marketers and strategically responsible directors.

With this book you have the recipe for agile marketing in your hands Martin van Dam

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Everyone in your organization who has to deal with markets or customers should ideally know why agile marketing is of vital importance for the healthy survival of your company at this time in particular. For this they can participate in an interactive awareness session of 1 day. Specific marketing knowledge is not required.

For marketing managers, proposition managers, product managers, (digital) marketers and strategically responsible directors, there is an additional training of 3 days on location or 6 half-days online after the awareness session.

The result of the training is that a broad group in the organization is motivated to get started with agile marketing and those who are going to do it also know how to do it.

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    It is Wanting, Knowing and …. exactly: Being able! You are motivated and you have also acquired the knowledge of how to conduct agile marketing, but in practice there are still deep-rooted habits that do not just go aside. Change is complex, especially when it comes to completely new perspectives on how we conduct marketing. An Agile Marketing coach helps in your practice to break through old patterns and to ensure that you can convert your motivation and knowledge into successful agile marketing.

    Choosing coaching is not a weakness, on the contrary! Many coaches also choose coaching themselves because they know better than anyone that it will help you gain your strength faster and better.

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      Brainflow Tour: from complex to solution

      Some complex problems cannot be solved in a conference room. Then you literally need more space and an agile coach who knows how to find the best solution for even the most complex problem.

      Will you join your team for two days cycling across the beautiful Veluwe? With regular stops where the next step is taken in a well-thought-out sociocratic process. A social gathering in the evening and early to bed, because our brains work most effectively at night. And continue the next day, until the solution is clear to everyone.

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